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For professional and aspiring professional actors, a Headshot photo is an essential tool for getting a job. Basically it is an 8 x 10 black-and-white photo of your head, from the shoulders up. Likewise, the Headshot photo is a necessary part of applications for many undergraduate and graduate theater programs in the Vancouver area.

An 8 x 10 inch Head Shot, or three-quarter shot, can be the first introduction of yourself to the people who will be calling you in for interviews and auditions, and casting you in their productions

1. Show Yourself As You Are. One of the biggest mistakes of an inexperienced actor is to strive for a headshot photograph that is glamorous or theatrical. Since casting decisions are based on getting a “type,” the viewer should be able to see you as you are.

2. Pull the viewers into the photo and intrigue them. The idea is to make them want to see you in person, and it’s usually done through the eyes. Let your true self be revealed though your expression.

3. Exude A Professional Demeanor. If for no other, this might be the foremost reason for using a professional photographer for your actor headshot.


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