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Vancouver Photographer

Photographers in Vancouver cover a wide range of skill levels and specialties. When choosing a photographer consider the artists body of work in relation to your desired outcome. Do not merely rely on price point as the results may be dismal. Many of the best photographers in Vancouver specialize in advertiasing and commercial style photos. Since the film industry fosters many local actors and celebrities, many require headshots for promotional material. This can also be a large form of income to a working photographer.

The diverse landscape and favorable weather conditions in Vancouver compared with other canadian cities lends nicely to year round shooting and outdoor locations. Vancouver is considered to be western Canada's capitol of fashion and commercial advertising.

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Vancouver photographers enjoy a mild canadian climate mixed with truly unique and amazing outdoor locations. Vancouver and surrounding areas are world renowned it's lush and dense forests, calm and rustic seaside and of course the snow cape mountings in outskirts of north Vancouver. Pro full time studios operating in western canada offer up large studio space and full grip and support staff supplemented buy the well placed film industry. Retouching and post production firms are located downtown although much of the larger production studios are located jut on the outskirts of downtown in the commercial east locations. Rentals grip and other production resources are readily available.

The top reasons for shooting in the Vancouver area would be one of a kind location and access to the best professional photographers in Canada. If inquiring about location scouts or specific locations or examples of location please do not hesitate to ask.

Downtown Vancouver: Some of the most popular locations for shooting downtown would be: Gastown, yaletown and coal harbour. Stanley park is on the edge of the west end of downtown. Things to watch out for would be the endless construction and blocked off streets for new condo developments. The rush hours can be especially changeling for logistics at those times. My personal favorite for downtown Vancouver photography is coal harbour as it offers water features, foliage and a nice blend of modern glassy building in the background. also it's very close to Stanley park for more options. Also the areas of outskirts of Yaletown near pacific drive (sunset beach) offer a nice variety of options ranging from cosmopolitan to nature.

Stanley Park: Classic photo setting and and one of the most famous photographer locations for all of Vancouver and for good reason. There are 3 beaches to choose from, many many rails, parks wide open fields and seawall to shoot on. Less public makes it ot the northern most parts of the park so keep that in mind when photo location scouting.

West Vancouver: Offers much less traffic and tourists and easy parking. There are many nature features. There are Long stretches of rustic beach fronts and parks and best part is there are not too many tourists and bystanders. West Van is quickly becoming one of my favorite photography shooting locations in the Vancouver area.

North Vancouver: i an excellent choice if you are going for pure nature features with water and trees and rocks. The caplilano river system offers some great option although because the cavernous nature of the river set extra attention needs to be paid to supplemental or bounced photo lighting and flagging. Photographers can achieve excellent river side shots with very unique large rock structures. Another high point of North Vancouver is the tree and foliage sets. If you are looking for that classic north west with large cedars and douglas first, north van has it especially in th lynn valley area and upper londsdale.


Richmond: there are some great pot around the south part of richmond. There are irrigation streams and some industrial areas that offer a cool and unique setting. River side is always good as there is crushed up man made rocks and such. almost no tourists and people pretty muh stay out of the way of the photographer.

Deep cove: This is an amazing location located surprisingly close to Vancouver proper. There are stepped mountainous features, harbour / sea side features. Photographers should be warned about parking restrictions especially on the weekends, there can be literally no where to park , ah!

Coquitlam / port coquitlam: The balcarrea area is great for getting that lake side or far away look without traveling more than about 45 min from downtown.


Vancouver Studio photography: Studio is a full production photo studio located in Vancouver. There are large open spaces and high ceiling, there is a dedicated client room for wardrobe and relaxing, a make up area and two main shooting studios. Free parking and conveniently located near downtown.