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Intimate Couple Glamour Photography

Glamour Photography In Vancouver

Glamour photography is an artistic representation of the human form. Moreover to glamorize a photograph is to add special sense of compelling and exciting attractiveness to the photo. The essence of quality glamour photography is understanding this point.

To simply make someone look good in a photo would be a failure as a glamour photograph. The person must look better and more fantastic than ever before. Almost a surreal beauty must be revealed.

Tom Hawkins specializes in high artistic fashion style glamour photography. It is his life mission to create timeless images that inspire the mind and dazzle the eye.

Glamour Photography is more than just making someone look good in a photograph. It is about making someone realize their true inner beauty. When a model makes a connection with their inner self, releasing all apprehension and mental oppressions, the true beauty is exposed and fantastic photographs are made.

photography Vancouver



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