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Vancouver Photographer

Vancouver Photographer Tom Hawkins specializes in Glamour, Fashion and Portrait photography in the Vancouver area. Commercial, corporate and actor headshot photography is also available. Tom Hawkins makes every photograph a work of art and prides himself with some of the best touch up skills in British Columbia.

Vancouver's premier glamour commercial and portrait photographer. Photographer Tom Hawkins creates stunning color and black and white photographs for the Vancouver and Alberta region.

Vancouver photographer

Do you need a modeling portfolio? Hawkins photography provides top quality modeling portfolios exposing a wide range of styles and moods. Do you need Portraits? Hawkins photography in Vancouver creates timeless, artistic portraits that will impress even the most discerning connoisseurs of fine art photography. Do you need acting Headshots? In Vancouver, the best photographer for modeling head shots is Tom Hawkins. Exposing an actor for their true potential is a delicate balance best accomplished with an intimate understanding of what the potential viewer is looking for. Do you need a commercial photographer? Tom Hawkins understands the demands of media and print based advertising. Commercial packages are available for half or day rates.

Tom Hawkins is a Vancouver photographer creating spectacular glamour and portrait photographs. Time and forethought is given to each image created, ensuring a timeless representation of style and opulence. Photography in Vancouver can be a rich and refreshing experience that represents the cosmopolitan heritage of the area. Vancouver also lend its self well to portraiture photography that embraces the lush and organic qualities of a sea side city. The year round humidity enables year round outdoor shooting with relative ease.

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Vancouver Portrait Photographer

The true key to mastering Portrait Photography is an advanced development of interpersonal relationships. Time must be taken to achieve a personal report with the model to ensure that both parties are on the same page in regards to the photography session. When the photographer and model are on the same wavelength, they can work together as a team to achieve new levels of beauty and glamour that were before thought to be unattainable. When sincere and genuine poses are revealed to the photographer, the results are undeniable. To burden the final outcome of a photography session solely on the photographer would be unfair. Instead both parties must contribute in their own ways to achieve fantastic photographs. Below are two crucial determining factors in a successful portrait photography session.

1. The photographer must have an in depth knowledge of artistic photography and a solid technical prowess. The photographer must also have advanced lighting skills and a firm understanding of surrounding and alternate light sources. The most important attribute for the photographer is to posses an undying creative force that drives them on an endless quest for absolute beauty.

2. The model must not only be willing, but eager to reveal themselves to the camera and experiment with new poses, expressions, and emotions. The model must diminish any apprehension or anxiety related to getting their photos taken. The model must also be able to lose themselves in the moment, denying any other other stresses or fears they might have in the world. (this is why it is my belief that a successful photoshoot can leave both parties quite content with themselves for days to come)

Portrait Photography in Vancouver can often be rigid and lifeless. I see far too many portraits (mostly bulk grade photo studio sessions) that look plastic and forced. Personally I like to have the subject very relaxed and content with themselves. To help achieve a relaxed state of mind I sometimes photograph people in their natural environments or in the outdoors. If a person is relaxed while being photographed, they are more likely to reveal their true nature. As a result the portrait is much more genuine and satisfying. below are some links to some of my portrait photographs.

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Vancouver Glamour Photographer

Tom Hawkins specializes in high artistic fashion style glamour photography. It is his life mission to create timeless images that inspire the mind and dazzle the eye.

Glamour Photography is more than just making someone look good in a photograph. It is about making someone realize their true inner beauty. When a model makes a connection with their inner self, releasing all apprehension and mental oppressions, the true beauty is exposed and fantastic photographs are made.

To simply make someone look good in a photo would be a failure as a glamour photograph. The person must look better and more fantastic than ever before. Almost a surreal beauty must be revealed.

Vancouver Fashion Photographer

Fashion and glamour style photographs are a timeless representation of ones true beauty. You don't have to be a fashion model to get magazine style photographs. I like to make my photo sessions as exciting and unique as possible. I never rush a model and as time is never a factor in achieving a certain photographic look. I understand that many new models or would-be models lack some posing experience. As a result it is not unusual to sit down ahead of time and look though a glamour magazine with the model to map out what types of shots would work with the model's features. Below are some links to some of my photographs:

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Each face is unique and beautiful. The art to revealing the true beauty of a face lies in the proper pose and the most complimentary lighting. If requested we can have a professional make-up and hairstylist on location to prep model before the shoot. Digital airbrushing and touch ups are also available if needed. I take personal pleasure in knowing that a model feels good about themselves after I have helped them to realize their true beauty though an excellent photograph.

Tom Hawkins Photography is a fashion, headshot and portrait photographer for models, actors, musicians, dancers, and corporate clients insisting on top quality at a reasonable rate. Commercial photography is also available at date rates or other arrangements.Tom Hawkins Photography service coverage includes Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, Surrey, Langley, Aldergrove, Coquitlam, Abbotsford, Victoria, National, International, and Worldwide destinations. Tom Hawkins is one of the best Photographers in Vancouver.